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Families at Trimble Creek Lodge

2017-04-03T15:42:02+00:00 April 3rd, 2012|

One of the very best things about living here at Trimble Creek Lodge is hosting family reunions.  Michael is our resident photographer and has taken many reunion pics of groups with our beautiful Bull Shoals Lake in the background.  Although this reunion picture was not […]

Vacation Home Fun

2017-04-03T15:39:19+00:00 February 16th, 2012|

One of the greatest things about living at this resort style vacation home is seeing some of the joy families experience during their summer getaways.  We’ve had our “winter snow” and now we are ready for summer – bring on the homemade ice cream!

Bull Shoals Lake Vacation Home

2017-04-03T15:37:15+00:00 February 6th, 2012|

One of the things we love here at Trimble Creek Lodge is helping our guests feel as if they are nestled away in their own Bull Shoals Lake Vacation Home.  Yes, we live here too, but our goal is to help everyone enjoy a distinctive, […]

Spectacular views

2017-04-03T15:34:30+00:00 January 27th, 2012|

Spectacular views abound at Trimble Creek Lodge Resort on Bull Shoals Lake.  However, every now and then even the Outside Guy (Michael) can take on a heavy, unhealthy, too-much-to-do attitude.  Thankfully, when the sun sets and we walk down the lane to”Sunset Point” (between the Meadow House […]

Fun on the Lake

2017-04-03T15:26:02+00:00 January 17th, 2012|

One of the very best things we experience here at Trimble Creek Lodge is the beauty of so many families and their joy in building memories together on vacation.  When we started this place 10 years ago, “helping families have fun on the lake” was one […]

Summer Fun on Bull Shoals Lake

2017-04-03T15:15:07+00:00 January 3rd, 2012|

Summer Fun on Bull Shoals Lake means timeless days on the water with friends and family.   This gorgeous and pristinely clean lake is not crowded and perfect for wakeboarding, skiing and tubing.  No need to worry about other boats getting too close to your novice skiers.  In […]

Extras at Trimble Creek Lodge

2017-04-03T15:35:29+00:00 December 19th, 2011|

We are happy when our guests notice the extras we offer here at Trimble Creek Lodge.  Return guest Tina  was so pleased with the fancy kitchen gloves we provide (to help protect those vacation manicures) that she now buys these for her friends.  Recently the TCL […]

Christmas at Trimble Creek Lodge

2017-03-27T16:23:57+00:00 November 28th, 2011|

Christmas at Trimble Creek Lodge nears.  The post-Thanksgiving turkey bones are simmering in the soup pot.  The Outside Guy’s most recent venison is in the freezer.  Fireplaces are prepared and wood is in the racks.  A truckload of Christmas ornaments and decorations have arrived from the barn.  Lulu is so […]