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Trimble Minty Bark Recipe for Christmas from Trimble Creek Lodge

Trimble Minty Bark Recipe for Christmas from Trimble Creek Lodge – at last Lulu puts this on the blog!

Ok friends, our daughter Lecy helped Lulu develop this recipe years ago before we started Trimble Creek Lodge on Bull Shoals Lake (at least 16 years – wow!) We tasted something similar, though much thicker and not as delicious. We looked at each other and then simultaneously said, “We can make this…”  We enjoy packaging this in little clear bags for gifts.  Years ago, Lulu shared this with the Parkway School District secretaries and custodians in each of the three (yes 3!) buildings where she taught. The ingredients are simple but always use good quality chocolate and peppermint oil, and whatever you do, keep water away from the chocolate or it “seizes” (goes thick and yucky).  First read our tips, then let us know any questions at all!  Enjoy.  

Trimble Minty Bark

Candymaking Tips:

Use oil, not water based flavorings.

Everything must be dry. Any moisture will make the chocolate seize (lump up)!

Don’t overheat chocolate – it gets lumpy and stiff. It may actually be melted even though you can still see the shape of the pieces.  My microwave is 1 minute at 60% power then an additional 10-20 seconds at 60% power.  Stir to melt any remaining pieces.

To keep the paper on the cookie sheet as you work, hold the edge of the wax paper as you smooth the chocolate with the back of a large metal spoon. Continue to smooth the chocolate on the paper as thinly as you can for the best taste. Note the size of the chocolate rectangle in the photo. 

Work quickly once you poor the dark chocolate onto the wax paper and also when you poor the white chocolate onto the dark.

Chill the dark chocolate well before topping with the white chocolate and peppermints..

I use Ghirardelli’s Candymaking chocolate – it comes in little circles that melt easily and the flavor is great,

My new favorite oil for this is Doterra’s peppermint oil – delicious and pure!


8 oz dark candymaking chocolate

8 oz white candymaking chocolate

6-7 drops peppermint oil (must be oil not water based)

15 mini candy canes crushed while still in their papers.  I have an ancient wooden mallet I use  for this recipe but a clean mallet or hammer will work too. Mini candy canes are much easier to remove from their papers than the big canes!

Directions (see Tips before starting).

Melt chocolate over medium temp in the microwave.

Add peppermint oil.

Spread very thinly on wax paper covered cookie sheets using the back of a large metal spoon to create a thin chocolate rectangle (see photo & tips).

Cool (I like to chill outdoors on dry, cold days, but inside the fridge works too).

Crush peppermint & remove from papers.

Melt white chocolate (It’s sometimes harder to melt. If it seems stiff, add 1/4 – 1/2 tsp. oil).

Spread thinly over dark chocolate. Top with crushed mints while still wet.

Chill. Break into large pieces and store in a tin.



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