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Christmas Punch Recipe from Trimble Creek Lodge

This Christmas Punch Recipe from Trimble Creek Lodge is easy and delicious! Our recent guests from First Christian Church, Harrison Arkansas really enjoyed this! The key is using good quality juice.  The Ginger Ale is an ingredient we add often to beverages like this or our lemonade in the summer.


64 ounces (2 bottles) Cranberry Pomegranate Juice.  (We used R.W. Knudsen brand as it is 100% juice with has no added sugar.)

60 ounces Pom brand Pomegranate Juice (Also no added sugar)

1 liter Ginger Ale (OK, so this has sugar.  This is a Christmas Punch!  But since the juices don’t, you get a refreshing beverage that is not too sweet.)

Optional sliced citrus for garnish – we used limes for a pretty red and green drink.


In a large beverage container or punch bowl mix all the juices.

Make 3 – 4 trays of ice cubes with the juice.

Chill the juice well.

Before serving add the Ginger Ale and limes.

That’s it!  Merry Christmas from Trimble Creek Lodge!

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